Work Experience dates have been confirmed by Mrs Pittaway.

Class 11, 12, 13, 14, JR, ES and Salon.

Work Experience letters sent home requesting parents to assist in placing their child on Work Experience and the transport to get their child to and from the placement.

Work Experience Dates 2010 – 2011

1 or 2 week block placements during weeks:

            Mon 22 November – Fri 26 November 2010

            Mon 29 November – Fri 3 December 2010

            Mon 27 June – Fri 1 July 2011

            Mon 4 July – Fri 8 July 2011


All Classes 11 +


Letters will be given to students to take home giving information on how to find a work placement and encourages parent support and participation in this process where possible.


Each student will be placed on an external work experience for a minimum of 5 days per year where appropriate to their timetable.

Some placements will be arranged for ½ or 1 day per week depending on the student needs and requirement of their individual timetable.

In the event that a student has not been on a work experience during the time scheduled above, I will aim to place them some time during the academic year subject to availability of their chosen placement.

We aim to place all students out of school or in school depending on student ability and preference.

If you can assist with placements or transport, please contact Sara Ellis, as your help will be greatly appreciated.

    Teacher: me

All work experience history in this section.

Cut and Paste - Work Experience Reviews from Key Worker, Employer and Student. To include photographic eveidence and any additional comments.

Mrs Sara Ellis available in the School Library Monday - Thursday if you wish to discuss or require assistance in person.